Building Asian Africa: the Place was formed by the Association and the International co-operation

The building that was located in the road Asian Africa this was established by a Dutch architect who was named Van Galenlast and C.O. Wolf Shoomaker. This building became very famous since the holding of the Conference Asian Africa in 1955, afterwards the Conference of Student Asia Africa in 1956 and the Conference Islam Asian Africa that kept the texts and legacy Asian Africa that was famous. This building was opened for the public every time work day and was easy to be reached by using the bus of the route city of Cicaheum-Cibeureum, Museum that put forward the collection and things of photographs of three dimensions that were connected with the Conference Asian Africa 1955.

Building Architecture
Building was drafted by Van Gallen Last and C.P. Wolff Schoemaker. Both of them were the Professor to Technische Hogeschool (the IT College), that is ITB now, two Dutch architectures that were famous in the period, this Building was very thick with nuances art deco and this grand building was seen from his floor that was made from artificial Italia marble that good , rooms of the place drank-drank and relaxed was made from wood cikenhout, whereas for his information was used lights of the crystal ray that depended sparkling. This building occupied the area measuring 7.500 m2.

History Building
History this building named SOCITEIT CONCORDIA was utilised as the place of recreation by a group of Dutch community that was domiciled at the Bandung city and surrounding area. They were the officials of the plantation, the officer, the dignitary, the businessman, and the other quite rich circle. On the holiday day, especially tonight, this building was filled by them to watch the performance of art, eating dinner.

In the Japanese occupation period this building was name Dai Toa Kaman with his function as the centre of culture. In the proclamation period of Republic of Indonesia independence on August 17 1945 this building was used as the Indonesian youth post in order to faces the Japanese troops that at that time reluctantly handed over his authority to Indonesia.

After the Indonesian government began to be formed (1946 - 1950) that was marked by the existence of the government of Haminte Bandung, Country Pasundan, and Recomba West Java, Gedung Concordia was utilised again as the meeting building public. here normally was held by the performance of art, the party, the restaurant, and the meeting of the other public.

With the decision of the Republic of Indonesia government (1954) that maintained the Bandung City as the place of the Conference Asian Africa, then the Concordia Building was chosen as the place of this conference. At the time the Concordia Building was the place building of the meeting that was most big and grandest in the Bandung City. And his location was then very strategic in the middle of the Bandung City as well as and close to the best hotel in this city, that is the Savoy Homann Hotel and the Preanger Hotel.

And from early 1955 this Building will be restored and matched his requirement as the place of the quality International conference, and the development him was handled by the Service of province public works West Java that command by Ir. R. Srigati Santoso, and the restoration executive him was: 1) the Bureau of the noble, under the command of R. Machdar Prawiradilaga 2) PT. Alico, under the command of M.J. Ali 3) PT. AIA, under the command of R.M. Madyono.

After being formed Konstituante Republic Of Indonesia as results of the general election in 1955, the Independent Building was made the Konstituante Building. Because Konstituante it was considered failed in carrying out the task especially, that is determining the foundation of the country and basic regulations of the country, then Konstituante was dispersed by President's Decree on July 5 1959. Further, the Independent Building was made the place of the Planning Nasional Body activity and afterwards became the Building People's Consultative Assembly Now(MPRS) that was formed in 1960. Although the function of the Independent Building kept changing from time to time in line with the change that was experienced in the struggle maintained, organised, and filled up Republic of Indonesia independence, the name of the Independent Building continue to Buried in the face part of this building.

During 1965 in the Independent a Building was held by the Conference Islam Asian Africa. During 1971 the MPRS activity in the Independent Building completely was shifted to Jakarta. After erupting the revolt of G30S/ PKI, Gedung Merdeka was in charge of by the military agency and some of the buildings this was made the place of the political prisoner G30S/ PKI. in July 1966, the maintenance of the Independent Building was handed over by the government of the centre to the Level Regional Government of I Propinsi West Java, that furthermore by the Level Regional Government of I Propinsi West Java was handed again over by his implementation to the Level Regional Government Ii Kotamadya Bandung. Three years afterwards, on July 6 1968, headed by MPRS in Jakarta changed the instruction about the Independent Building (the former MPRS Building) with the provisions that that was handed over was his parent building, whereas other buildings that were located at the back of the Independent Building were still continuing to become MPRS responsibility.

In March 1980 this Building was again entrusted to the place of the Conference warning Asian Africa that was 25th and in Puncak his warning was declared the Conference Museum Asian Africa by Soeharto President Republic Of Indonesia – 2.