Padang : Airmanis Beach ( Pantai Air Manis )

From Padang's Muara Harbour, catch a canoe across the river. There is a clear path over the hill, through the colourful Chinese cemetery, along the path are many clove trees and the scenic beauty of nature. The path over Gunung Monyet ( Mt Monkey) is cool and pleasant, take 45 minutes walk. The beach at Air Manis nice though not the best for swimming. 

The view is what makes this beach so popular for other tourists. The locals will happy to put you up and may even be able to go out night fishing. During the low tide you can walk out to Pulau Pisang Ketek (Small Banana Island ) but keep an eye on the idea. Go on walking over the next hill for a fine view over the harbour of TelukBayur, walk down then and catch a mini-bus back to downtown. The beach can be reached by bus from Pasar Raya via Mata Air Village and ride up the hills and down to the beach in twenty minutes.
Take a walk in five minutes and watch the sunset along the promenade. On the Westcoastv Padang Beach comes alive in early evening when the locals take a stall to watch the sunset while having the taste of special food 'Rujak' (mixed-fruit) and enjoying the impressive fishermen's motorboat lamps off-shore nearby. Without enjoying the late afternoon splendour and tasting the specific food atthe impressive Padang Beach, the
visit of yours to Padang, uncompletedly.