Youtefa Gulf: The Very Beautiful Gulf

A gulf with the very beautiful Scenery. This gulf officially indeed very beautiful, but had the special meaning in World War II, both the aspect of the Japanese troops and the allied troops and the United States, because of the location of this gulf was very strategic.

On April 19 1942 Japanese troops entered the Yotefa Gulf and landed in PIM and Abe the coast. By being believed in by him, that the Hollanda location was very strategic, then Japan Anchored two warships togethered with his marines in the Yotefa Gulf on May 6 1942. In the gulf this still was gotten by the legacy of the World War II history took the form of Japanese ship carcasses and the Ally that sank, while in Abe  coast was built a Landing memorial of the Japanese troops. Evidently this most protected gulf made Hollandia the Japanese defence prop. So also supplies that were owned by Japan in Hollandia it was admitted the ally as the only centre of supplies that were most big and strongest by Japanese troops all over the Pacific territory