Madura : The Bull race ( Kerapan Sapi ) of One of the Attractions of the Tour

The bull race was the typical attraction from the Madura island that was the race (the race) cattle. Probolinggo that his inhabitants's majority of the Madura ethnic group or the mixture (between Madura and Java), then the bull race also became the attraction that was conserved.

An attraction masyarakt typical Madura, that is the race or the race (the bull race) cattle. In Probolinggo with the inhabitants's majority bersu I Madura or the mixture Madura Java (Pendalungan), the bull race also became the attraction continue to. Regional Government Probolinggo in this case the Perhubungan Service and Tourism, accommodated the aspirations of this community by preparing the forum for the bull race activity 2 (two) the time in one year. That is the Ritual Kasada Ceremony that was packed in the agenda Pre- Kasada and the struggle Trophy Regent Probolinggo in the BIRTHDAY of the Probolinggo Regency.

This also attracted local tourists even foreign countries.