Derawan Island: Maritime Tour that Really Captured

When you  lover the maritime tour, visited to the Laut Conservation Area (KKL) the Derawan Island, Kabupaten Berau, East Kalimantan, ought to be made the diary. Although just was developed into the tourist attraction, the potential and beauty of his waters did not lose to the other area.

This area was the sea region and mangrove that was arranged for the need of the continuous fisheries activity, the maritime tour, the research, and the socio-economic development of the community, as well as the utilisation of other sea resources in a lasting manner. It was not yet the direct flight to head this region. The flight from Jakarta only arrived at Balikpapan, the substitute by the small aircraft to the Redeb Cape, the capital of the Berau Regency. From the Redeb Cape used speedboat headed the Derawan Island.

Needed one hour followed the river to arrive in the estuary. Don't be surprised if you saw so many charts planted. This chart property of the local inhabitants and the amount could thousands. In the Derawan Island was gotten by several cottage. Sea water in this region was clean and clear with white sand that stretched.

The Derawan island was located in the Sulawesi Sea, to the Berau Regency coast, East Kalimantan, faced the estuary mouth of the Kelai River and was known with the Berau Delta. This island consisted of six groups of the big island, that is the Derawan Island, Pulau Sangalaki, Pulau Kakaban, Maratua Island, Panjang Island, Samama Island, as well as several small islands and the group of coral. Gotten 21 islands in this island. The cluster of the Derawan Island only a small part of the hundreds of islands in the east East Kalimantan coast that was numbering 248 islands. From the number, 138 islands did not yet have the name, two islands among them Sipadan and Ligitan was lost, to belonging to Malaysia. Waters in this island were known as some diving spot or the place of diving that was best in the world.

The region and conservation of the sea tour that were developed into the tour selam this was famous with his coral reef that was very beautiful. With used snorkel you could enjoy beauty of the coral reef under sea because his water was very clear. Might not be very far to the middle of sea, around 100 metre from the coastal lip, the fish and the multicoloured coral reef could have been enjoyed with leased snorkel Rp 50.000 per the day. As for for equipment rent scuba (self containing underwater bhreating apparatus) around Rp 400,000.

The series of the Derawan Island that was opened up more than 100mil along the East Kalimantan shoreline, was one of the richest areas biologically in Indonesia. In this island water from the Berau River was mixed with water from the Sulawesi Sea created a seascape that was unique with the characteristics of a river delta that was wide headed towards the spread coral shoal, the bank coral reef and the atoll. In the Derawan Island was gotten by more than 460 coral kinds. This made the Derawan Island the area that had the diversity of highest hard coral the number of two in the world after the Island King Ampat in Indonesia the eastern part.

The Derawan island as one of the places that was most rich and unique in the world could become your destination was further. Confirm you scheduled him in the forthcoming holiday.